Martial artist gave health problems the chop

A Driffield man has lost 15 stone in weight and dropped 10 jeans sizes - after taking up martial arts.

Sunday, 6th July 2014, 1:22 pm

Jason Bond, 26, could hardly climb stairs and was warned by the doctors his health was at serious risk because of his weight.

But since joining a Driffield martial arts club around two-and-a-half years ago he has dropped from 34 stone to 19 stone and gone in waist size from 56-inches to 38-inches.

Now a trainee instructor and working towards his black belt, Jason says he wants to share his achievement with the world.

Jason Bond

“I had hit rock bottom,” he says. “I’d just gone through a divorce and I was depressed and suffering from mental illness. I had little or no interest in life and had lost all confidence in myself.

“Everyone was worried about me; including my doctor and I was even offered surgery.”

He began doing a style of martial arts which mixes boxing and wrestling with kick boxing and jiu-jitsu at the AEGIS National Martial Arts College on Eastgate North.

The first lesson was “terrifying” and he was exhausted just after the ten-minute warm-up, but he said: “Something told me that it was now or never.”

The father-of-one , of King Street, also met his girlfriend at the club. And he says the training has given him the mental strength to help him cope with his mental illness.

Jason, who moved to Driffield from London as a youngster and went to Bridlington School, has never had a job. But now his goal is to make a career from being a fully-qualified instructor and helping others like himself.

He added: “I don’t plan to stop here! I have some crazy goals that I want to achieve - from jeans sizes to life goals. Nothing is going to stop me!”

“The weight loss and confidence I have gained is astronomical. I watched the jeans sizes going down and had to buy new clothes that were smaller. It was a great feeling.

“I received such positive encouragement from everyone at the club so that instead of being terrified I actually looked forward to going, even though I knew I’d be shattered afterwards.

“Now I want to give something back and show others what can be achieved with a little encouragement.”

Jason is now working alongside the people who helped him with his goal. He is committed to becoming a professional instructor and helping members of the academy. “I conquered goal after goal ... be it a jean size or a combination for a grading and I want to give something back to the academy, I want to show people what can be achieved with a little encouragement” states Jason.

Just over two years have passed since Jason walked into the National Martial Arts College desperate for help; today, he is currently 19 stone and has a 38 inch waist; which is a huge loss of 15 stone and 18 inches. He is also a senior trainee instructor, due to finish his certified training course next year and he is training hard for his black belt test this September!

Instructor Clint Walker said: “Jason found the physical aspect hard at first but he never gave up. He had a goal and he went for it.

“He inspires us all and that’s why we want him on the team.”

* For more information on how martial arts training could help you, or to book in for a free trial contact Odelle Walker, National Martial Arts College, on 07791 216116, facebook: Driffield National Martial Arts College or visit: Ninja classes from 3+. Family classes from 7+