Man sold stolen computer parts

A BRIDLINGTON man has pleaded guilty to selling computer parts stolen from a computer at his work.

Stephen McGaughey, 27, of Richmond Street, admitted taking a Quad Core Processor from a work computer at Kentech on Springfield Avenue on February 22 whilst working at the shop.

Wednesday’s Bridlington Magistrates Court heard that shop owner Kenneth Willis had come into the shop the day after the offence was committed to find that the computer was not working.

Given the nature of his business, Mr Willis investigated the inside of the machine and found the Quad Core Processor inside had been replaced by a Dual Core Processor.

McGaughey admitted to police that he had taken the computer part and sold it to CEX on Chapel Street for a sum of £40.

Explaining his actions to police, McGaughey alleged that the shop owner had upset his girlfriend by sending abusive emails which had even caused her to visit her doctor, and that by removing the device from which he sent them he was just putting an end to it.

McGaughey said he took the decision to steal the computer part because he did not want to directly confront his employer as he could have risked breaking a three-year conditional discharge he is currently serving.

Mitigating for McGaughey, Ed Cunnah, said: “Mr McGaughey decided to sell the Quad Processor because it was sat in his flat staring him in the face. He almost decided just to throw it away, a move which may have made it impossible for police to find.

“This was not an action he took to make any money, it was a way of preventing emails being sent and was not financially motivated.

Mr Cunnah told the court that the defendant had lost his job as a result of the theft and that he would find it difficult to find employment with these offences on his record.

The matter has been adjourned for three weeks awaiting a report from the probation service and McGaughey was granted unconditional bail.