Man’s fine for crossing line

Beck Hill Car Park.'Show the Bay were car was ticketed'PA1142-15
Beck Hill Car Park.'Show the Bay were car was ticketed'PA1142-15

A BRIDLINGTON man has spoken of his frustration over car parking for the disabled in town.

Andy Tagg, of Flamborough Road, had parked in the end bay of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council car park at the bottom of Beck Hill.

Mr Tagg – who is 6ft 6in tall and has an artificial leg – parked his car inches over the outside line of the parking bay to allow him room to manoeuvre himself and his prosthetic leg out as another driver had parked too close to the line on his right.

When he returned to his car he found a ticket with a £25 fine, which would have been increased to £60 had he not paid it last week.

“The space to the left on the bay is dead space, there isn’t room for another car in the space but there was plenty of room for people to get by,” said Mr Tagg.

“I had parked so the left hand tyres of my car were in this dead space slightly to allow me to get out of my car as the car on my right was parked on the line.

“I wasn’t blocking anyone’s access – just making the car park look a little untidy.

“ I couldn’t believe it when I saw I’d been fined.

“I have a blue disabled badge but I hadn’t used it as I try and avoid taking too much of an advantage of the disabled facilities usually provided, leaving them available for more needy cases.

“With my limitations I have good days and bad days, the bad are usually caused by doing too much on the good.”

When Mr Tagg tried to explain the circumstances to the council, officers rejected his appeal and upheld the fine, ironically sending letters to him with a ‘Positive about disabled people’ logo stamped on the bottom.

“I paid the £25 fine because it would have more than doubled to £60 if I hadn’t.

“It isn’t about the money though, it is about the principle of it.

“How can the council send a letter saying they are positive about disabled people when they ignore the circumstances?

“Bridlington is the only place I know where disabled people have to pay for their parking, and I think things need to improve.

“I would rather have given the money for the fine to charity or put it towards my daughters’ Christmas presents.”

A spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “Signage in the all the council’s car parks states quite clearly that vehicles must be parked within the bay markings, as this was not the case with Mr Tagg’s vehicle a penalty charge notice (PCN) was issued.

“The present parking fine is £60 in council pay and display parking areas but reduced to £25 for car parks if paid within seven days, which Mr Tagg did.

“The council has a robust appeal system in place to investigate disputed PCNs and applies this fairly across the board.”