Man jailed for robbery

Daniel Craven
Daniel Craven

TWO jobless men stole the belongings of a new Bridlington resident on the first night he stayed at a flat after moving to the town.

High on drink, Gary Baskerville, 24 and Daniel Craven, 20, took Jamie Male’s property, to buy drugs. Mr Male, 20, could only protest as Craven tipped out his suitcase containing his X-box console, Acer laptop and mobile phone.

Baskerville warned him: “If you tell the police, I swear on my dead niece’s grave, I will hunt you down when I get out of prison!”

Gary Baskerville, of North Street, Bridlington, and Daniel Craven, of Bridlington, but now of Dunston Road, Hull, were picked out in an identity parade.

Both were charged with robbery and appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court on Monday. Baskerville pleaded guilty to robbery. Craven pleaded guilty to theft and denied robbery.

Crown barrister Stephen Welch said Mr Male arrived in Bridlington on July 2 moving into his North Street address on July 3 to spend his first night when there was a knock at the door.

A neighbour called Scarlet Hilt said: “Can you do me a massive favour and let these two stay with you as they have no-where to go.

After at first refusing he agreed and went to the local Spa shop to buy drinks. The group stayed up talking until 4am.

When he asked them to leave they refused with Baskerville saying: “Are you having a laugh?”

He grabbed Mr Male’s collar, pushed him onto the bed and said we are taking these things.”

Asked why he said: “We need the money to buy some stuff.

“Mr Male took that as a reference to drugs,” said Mr Welch. He said Hilt said: “I can’t believe they did that,” She left the flat.

In a victim impact report, Mr Male said he was still frightened to go out fearing the next knock on the door maybe from Baskerville or Craven. He said: “Since the offence I have been very nervous. I don’t know if I will confront them. I don’t know if they are going to take reprisals against me because I picked them out of an identity parade. I was picked on because of my demeanor and size.”

Craven has 21 previous offences and Baskerville has 18 previous offences including a two-year sentence for robbery of a man in a pizza shop in Doncaster where he stole his pizza and telephone.

Defending Baskerville barrister Paul Genny said drink and the desire for drugs played a part in robbery, but it was not the worst of its kind. Barrister Richard Thompson said Craven had been using cocaine, heroin and cannabis, but was now clean and hoping for a return to Bridlington.

Recorder Anton Lodge, QC, told the pair: “Both of you were in drink. Pressure was put on Mr Male to let you in to his flat. Once you were in, you stole from him. You had the advantage of two onto one. From you Baskerville there was a threat: “I will hunt you down when I get out of prison.” That aggravates the offence.”

He ordered Baskerville should be jailed for 18-months. Craven was given a 12-month community order and 150-hours unpaid work in the community. Both were banned from entering North Street or communicating with Mr Male.