Man harassed pregnant girlfriend

A BRIDLINGTON man harassed his pregnant girlfriend after she told him their relationship was over.

Kevin Carmichael, 26, bombarded Kylie Gates with texts and telephone calls after she tried to get him out of her house because she wanted a life without him.

Carmichael, who has a criminal record, denied threatening to kill her in one call. He had been staying at her home after leaving prison, Hull Crown Court heard on Monday.

Crown barrister Jharna Jobes said the pair had known each other since they were seven but Carmichael had been repeatedly in trouble.

"They had been together a year and at the time of this offence she was pregnant with his child," said Ms Jobes.

"He was sent to prison and when he returned Ms Gates made it clear in April she didn't want anything to do with him.

"Despite that she let him set him stay at her house."

She said it all came to a head when Ms Gates met with social services about the care of her unborn child on July 10.

"She texted him, telling him he had to leave," said Ms Jobes.

"On that day he took objection and repeatedly telephoned her and texted her. He said he would stay in the house, knowing if he did stay her unborn child would be taken away from her."

Ms Jobes said Carmichael had previous convictions dating back to 1997 for offences including assault, failing to surrender to custody, taking a vehicle without consent and breach of a community order.

Carmichael, formerly of Sewerby Road, pleaded not guilty to a charge of threatening to kill Ms Gates but pleaded guilty to a single charge of harassment.

Defence barrister John Thackray said Carmichael had been locked up for the equivalent of four months since the offence.

He said: "My client wants to move on his life and wants the complainant to do the same."

Recorder David Gordon told Carmichael his texting and telephone calls were a serious case of harassment and the maximum penalty he could pass was six months in prison.

He said he would agree to pass an indefinite restraining order on him, banning him from communicating with Ms Gates or approaching within 200 yards of her Bridlington address.

Carmichael was given a 16-week sentence – which since he had served 114 days meant he would be immediately released from prison as offenders serve half their time.