Man filmed driving while walking a dog

A dog owner has been taking his pet for a walk from inside the comfort of his van and hanging the lead from the window, leaving onlookers “absolutely gobsmacked”.

Bridlington residents have spoken of their shock and disgust after witnessing a man in a red van walk his dog from behind the wheel.

Videos taken last year surfaced after one woman took to Facebook to voice her concern for the dog’s welfare and questioned the driver’s ability to drive safely while walking the dog.

Julie Hanson, of Bridlington, witnessed the dog-walking van in Wilsthorpe on Thursday June 1 at around 6.40pm.

The 47-year-old said: “I actually have horses up there. Me and my daughter and two dogs were coming back when we saw a van driving slowly with a dog on a lead outside the van.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked to be honest, it looked like a Saluki and I’m quite good with my dogs so I’m 99% sure it was.”

She said she watched the van brake, reverse and turn the vehicle all with the dog alongside the van.

Julie added: “You get into trouble now for being on your phone while driving and to me this is 10 times worse.

“He had his arm outside the vehicle so only had one hand to operate the rest of the car. He couldn’t have changed gear without taking his hand off the steering wheel.”

The Facebook post, on a Bridlington based group, received a mixed reaction with a number of users admitting they had also seen the same man.

A video was posted which was taken by 20-year-old Dan Kelly, who saw the unconventional dog-walker three times last year. He took two videos one, at Wilsthorpe and the other at Carnaby Industrial Estate on Lancaster Road.

Although the videos are dark, the poor pup can be seen trotting alongside the car in the middle of the road.

Dan, who works for the council, reported the incident to the RSPCA when he saw the same man doing it for the third time. He said: “I’m disgusted, I have heard of dogs getting trapped under the vehicle’s wheels in situations like this.

“When I saw him the dog was almost sort of leaping and trying to keep up.”

But some sprung to the driver’s defence saying it is a hunting dog and the technique is used to train dogs and toughen up their paw pads.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “ It’s not an acceptable method of exercise and it’s certainly something we wouldn’t recommend.

“We’d look to find this dog and check it over.”