Man cleared of assault – jailed for missing court

Shane Rugg
Shane Rugg

A BRIDLINGTON man has been cleared of assaulting two Bridlington women, but sentenced to seven days in prison for failing to attend court.

Shane Rugg, 39, of Great Meadows Road, was told by Judge Jeremy Baker, QC, that despite being not guilty of assault he had four times refused to attend court in the past and had never been sent to prison before.

Rugg appeared in the secure dock of court four at Hull Crown Court last Friday, after pleading not guilty of causing actual bodily harm to Tanya Bailey and a charge of causing actual bodily harm to Kerry Dee Favell on May 7 this year.

He also earlier denied a charge of criminal damage to a bathroom door belonging to Bruce Dixon on the same date.

Crown barrister Mark McKone said Rugg failed to attend a trial he had elected on November 24 – but neither did the two women he was accused of assaulting. “The women do have convictions,” said Mr McKone.

“The police believe that the complainants have left town and are making it difficult for the police to find them.”

He said taking this into account the Crown would offer no evidence against Rugg for all three charges.

Defence barrister John Thackray said Rugg had been arrested on a warrant and had been in custody for three days.

He said he could not deny he had failed to attend court on four occasions.

Judge Jeremy Baker, QC, said: “Shane Rugg, you did not attend when required to do so.”

He sentenced him to seven days in custody.