Loss of 30 jobs at recycling plant

carnaby waste recycling plant
carnaby waste recycling plant

THIRTY jobs are to be lost as part of the operations of a waste recycling plant near Bridlington is closed.

The site, in Moor Lane, Carnaby, offers household waste recycling, composting facilities and a materials recycling facility.

carnaby waste recycling plant

carnaby waste recycling plant

It is the latter of the three which is to be effected by a change in the types of materials collected from residents’ blue bins – known as dry recyclates.

At present these include paper, plastics, empty aerosols and washed-out, clean tin and aluminium cans.

But later this year it will also be possible to recycle glass bottles and jars in the blue bins.

The site at Carnaby is unable to process the glass, and therefore the operation will be moved elsewhere for processing – meaning the loss of around 30 workers at the plant.

Green bin (household waste) and brown bin (garden waste and cardboard) collections remain the same and are unaffected by the changes.

A statement issued by Waste Recycling Group (WRG), which runs the site on behalf of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “As part of its recycling initiative, East Riding of Yorkshire Council has decided to widen the types of dry recyclates collected from local residents. As the exisiting facility is not capable of processing some of these recyclates, and it is not possible to reconfigure the existing plant for this purpose, it will close down at the end of this week with the loss of approximately 30 jobs.”

Residents of the Bridlington area should continue to use their blue bins, and there will be no disruption to bin collections, as materials will be tranferred elsewhere to be processed.

Waste Recycling Group said: “The facility will be converted to a bulking station, from which East Riding’s waste will be transferred to another facility that is capable of processing all the recyclates targeted by the council.

“The Household Waste Recycling Centre and Waste Transfer Station operations at Carnaby will remain a key part of the service WRG provides to the council.”

A spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “Later this year, Bridlington residents will have the opportunity of starting to put glass in their blue bins along with paper, plastic bottles, tin and aluminium cans.

“The increase in what can be recycled in the blue bins is something residents have said they will welcome.”