Log flume accident investigation underway

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A WOMAN and her four-year-old granddaughter are being treated for leg injuries after an accident on a sea-front log flume ride.

The pair, who were visiting Bridlington from South Yorkshire, are both in Hull Royal Infirmary.

The 58-year-old woman was airlifted from the Bayside Amusement Park on Sunday afternoon when she and the child were apparently “flipped out” of the Jungle River ride after a car stopped unexpectedly on a steep descent toward a water pool.

Her injuries were said to be severe but not life-threatening. Police have confirmed that rumours the woman had to have her leg amputated were not true.

Her granddaughter was originally taken to Scarborough Hospital but moved to Hull on Monday.

A Health and Safety Executive investigation into the cause of the accident began today.

The log flume remains closed and sealed off by Police tape.

Park owner Michael Harrison, said his first thoughts were about those who had been injured and he hoped they made a speedy recovery.

“There is a police and Health and Safety Executive investigation as to how the accident occurred. There is not much more I can say at the present time other than I am as anxious as everyone else to know what caused it,” said Mr Harrison.

He praised the work of the emergency services who dealt with the injured grandmother and her granddaughter.

“I also want to thank staff who did everything they could to help.

“We have a very good safety record on site. Nothing as serious as this has ever happened to us before.

“The industry is very strictly regulated. Safety checks are made at least once a year by independent engineers and by ourselves on a daily basis,” said Mr Harrison.

He was highly critical of some of the claims and allegations made elsewhere in both the press and on internet websites about what happened.

“They are simply not true, just people being downright evil,” he said.