‘Lives could be at risk’: brick hurled at bus in Bridlington

PCSO Andrea Humphrey and her colleague PCSO Gerald Quinn (on the footbridge) warn about the dangers of throwing missiles at traffic.
PCSO Andrea Humphrey and her colleague PCSO Gerald Quinn (on the footbridge) warn about the dangers of throwing missiles at traffic.

MOTORISTS in Bridlington are at risk of death from missiles hurled at traffic travelling along the Well Lane Bypass by a gang of teenage vandals.

That is the message from police in the town, after a coach carrying war veterans to a conference in Scarborough was attacked with a brick, joining numerous other incidents in recent weeks in which missiles have been thrown from the top of the footbridge, or from the side of the road.

Now police are urging members of the public to come forward and help them catch those responsible before a road user is seriously injured.

Insp Grant Taylor, the head of Bridlington Police’s Neighbourhood Team, said: “It was a despicable act in which mindless juveniles have targeted a coachload of people who have provided a great service to our country.

“The message is that this type of crime could be life threatening to motorists.”

Insp Taylor says he is “convinced” that local residents can help identify those responsible for throwing the missiles at traffic, and had this message for those involved: “We will eventually catch up with you and we will take positive action until this is stopped.

“I have instructed my officers to conduct high visibility patrols and it will become one of our priority areas.”

The TD Travel coach was travelling along the Well Lane bypass, heading towards Scarborough Road, at around 6.30pm on Wednesday, October 10 when it was targeted.

After passing the footbridge a brick was hurled from the side of the road, shattering the first layer of a double glazed window at the side of the coach and causing around £2,000 of damage.

Phil Marsden, 54, was driving the coach which was carrying 30 war veterans to Scarborough from Hull.

He said: “Someone came to the front of the coach and said ‘someone has shot at the window’.

“I was a bit wary coming under the bridge because it is notorious there, but this came from the side of the road. “It was dark so I didn’t see anyone at the side of the road, so it was obviously a shock to everyone. Apparently they dodge into gardens afterwards.

“Thankfully the window is laminated so it never smashed all the way through, which would have been really dangerous for the passengers.

“I have heard from drivers at other bus companies that kids have started chucking snooker balls that smash the window and come out the other side – you couldn’t imagine what damage that would do if it hit someone.”

PCSO Andrea Humphrey said the incident with the coach was one of around 10 similar incidents in the area since the end of the summer holidays.

“We think they are probably around 13 to 15 years old, and there are five to seven of them, but of course there could be more,” said PCSO Humphrey.

“They need to realise that what they are doing is very serious indeed. Somebody could be badly hurt or even die.

“We know that they are ducking in and out of gardens either side of the road, hiding and taking things that they are then throwing at the moving cars. I know a juvenile boy was arrested over the weekend for the incident with the coach, but we still need members of the public to help us identify others who are taking part.

“Just calling police with a description, a name or even snapping a photo can be a massive help.”

Anyone with information which could help police catch the culprits is urged to contact Humberside Police on the non emergency number 101.