Little Charlie says thank you to Bridlington

Charlie Rycroft
Charlie Rycroft

The people of Bridlington have turned out in force donating more than £1,600 for charity inspired by a little boy.

Six-year-old Charlie Rycroft has been showing the world that it’s OK to be different and unique and his positive attitude has inspired the town.

Charlie and Tina Rycroft

Charlie and Tina Rycroft

Having set out to raise £1,000 over 12 months, mum Tina Rycroft is overwhelmed that they’ve topped their target within a few months.

“When we decided to try and raise £1,000 in a year I didn’t think it would do that well. I thought even £1,000 was going to be tough,” said the mum-of-three.

“We’ve had around £1,450 donated for the raffle prizes and I’ve sent up a separate fundraiser for my upcoming skydive which already has around £130.”

Cheeky Charlie was born with Microtia which affects his ear and jaw bone.

The small charity, Microtia UK, has been crucial in giving the whole family support.

The youngster has been showing the world it’s “OK to be different” and is now modelling.

To celebrate Charlie’s 7th birthday, on Saturday March 17, Tina will be jumping out of a plane all in the name of charity. After contacting Skydive GB, in Bridlington, to see if they’d offer a small discount on a charitable skydive for her or husband, Ashley, she was overwhelmed that they chose to offer her a tandem skydive for free.

“They’d read my email and they’d seen Charlie’s story in the Free Press and they got back to me and offered a free skydive on the condition that it was for me and not my husband.

“I’m so grateful because they have so many requests and it means all the money donated will go to Microtia UK.

“I’m a nervous wreck though. I’m petrified to do it but I’m also really excited. It’s one of those bucket list things that I’d love to do.”

Tina also wants to thank all the businesses that have donated prizes from hotel stays to meal offers for the Facebook raffle. “I never expected this kind of response, I’m running a few raffles at a time now which I never thought would happen,” she said.

“Charlie is so excited – he’s always asking how much we’ve raised and when I told him we had reached the target he quickly moved it to £2,000.”

Tina is also organising a Fun Day at St Mark’s Church, in West Hill, on Saturday April 7, where there will be a range of stalls and fun activities.

To follow Charlie’s story visit ‘Charlie’s Fundraising Page’ on Facebook or donate to Tina’s skydive page here.