Liam Gallagher first heard of Oasis split at Bridlington Spa

Bridlington SPA'Oasis 2009'PA0934-24yy
Bridlington SPA'Oasis 2009'PA0934-24yy

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has claimed he first heard about his brother Noel’s plan to split up the band at Bridlington Spa.

Gallagher, 40, whose new band Beady Eye released their new album this week, said that he overheard a conversation between Noel and his manager discussing going solo at the Spa - one of the band’s last UK performances.
In an interview with the Independent, he said: “He wanted the band split up. End of. And he was planning it for years.

“Cos I heard it, him and his manager (Marcus Russell, Oasis’s manager who still manages Noel), I heard them planning it backstage at Bridlington Spa.

“He’d been trying to get his little solo thing for ages.”

Despite the backstage bickering, Oasis fans packed into the Spa enjoyed a classic performance from the Mancunians in August 2009.

The band went on to play at the V Festival, but announced the cancellation of their European tour soon after and released a statement that the group “does not exist any more”.