Letters: New bus service is inadequate

Marton Road is not on the route of a 'local' bus service.
Marton Road is not on the route of a 'local' bus service.

Further to my letter (Free Press, May 5) with regard to the EYMS local bus changes, no-one has yet answered the big question - ‘Which ‘local’ buses now serve the Post Office and shops on Marton Road?’ My answer therefore is none.

I received an official letter from The House of Commons. This was a reply from our MP Sir Greg Knight to the copy of the same letter that I forwarded to him from the May 5 Free Press. Sir Greg has been good enough to look into the matter of our bus-starved section of Marton Road by the shops.

The letter encloses seven pages of predominantly ‘out of boundary’ bus time tables from EYMS. It says, residents will still have access to a bus service! How?

None of which travel along our stretch of Marton Road, other than the lone Scarborough bus we know about.

What I feared has already come to pass.

Yesterday, a group of four elderly residents caught the passing Scarborough bus. Full as usual! They had to stand all the way into the town centre.

There is absolutely no reason why the buses that go up Jubilee Avenue to Bempton Lane, cannot then continue along Marton Road, turn at the traffic roundabout, then return back to the Jubilee Avenue route into town.

I’m now much given to humming the famous George Formby tune with my words - ‘I’m leaning on the shelter upon Marton Road, waiting for a bus into town, Oh me, Oh my, there’s just a crammed full Scarborough bus that’s passing by...’

No, this is not good enough. Am I the only parapet walker who dares to speak out?

Trev Haymer
Bempton Drive