Letter: Ward closure is a sad loss for town

Bridlington Hospital faces another ward closure.
Bridlington Hospital faces another ward closure.

I was saddened to read in the Free Press of another ward closure at Bridlington Hospital.

Over the years ward closures at Brid Hospital have become a bit of a saga. The closure of this ward will be for the folk of Brid a particularly hard decision to swallow.

Just recently a report appeared in the Free Press reporting that the York Trust informing folk of Brid that Brid Hospital is now the jewel in the crown.

I find those words so hypocritical after another ward closure.

With so many ward and department closures at Brid Hospital over the years I would not exactly say that Brid Hospital is the jewel in the crown. I see Wendy Scott, chief operating officer for York NHS Trust, says after the closure of Waters Ward at Brid Hospital patients could be managed in a different care setting, for example at home with additional support.

Every time there is a ward closure at Brid Hospital the answer seems to be for the Clinical Commissioning Group and the York Trust to place patients out into social care. I would have thought that Wendy Scott would be aware of the shocking state of social care. Surely her own hospital trust in recent years must have experienced the freeing up of hospital beds has been a challenge to her hospital trust.

Social care is such an underfunded area already with all community trusts striving to perform a community service because of cuts to their budgets every year.

We saw only in this year’s March budget Chancellor Hammond informing everyone that he is only allowing the piffling amount of two billion pounds to be spread over three years for social care.

Social care needs at least six to eight billion and not two billion spread over three years to allow the Clinical Commissioning Group and the York Trust to place Waters Ward patients into social care.

Ernie Mackenzie

Gammons Lane