Letter: Very impressed by leisure centre

The new leisure complex at Bridlington.
The new leisure complex at Bridlington.

With regard to the new leisure complex: I have to say that it is such a very pleasant, warm and welcoming and great looking place.

Since it has re-opened I have only ever been in to view the facilities, eg the gym and swimming pools and so on from viewing areas and I’m so impressed at how great it really does look.

It wasn’t until August to which I decided to obtain a concession membership card as I’ve decided to take up swimming all over again as it is ages since I last went.

I will be honest about one other thing and that is my love for being in the water.

Having a serious interest and great enjoyment out of being a highly keen swimmer has never faded, and I am very pleased about that to be honest, as swimming is my much-loved favourite aquatic sport and fitness activity.

I’m glad to have taken it up again as the exercise itself is an exceptionally very good one indeed.

Because I currently hold a concession membership card to which I am most grateful for and it only costs me just £2.60 for an hour and a half session of swimming.

I am seriously considering taking up membership, I have only just obtained a few forms from the leisure complex for me to complete.

I’ve decided upon Sure Premier membership, this means I can go at any time and it costs £33 per month.

This also means I will be able to use any facility I choose to other than just swimming.

I’m more than very happy to use the leisure complex’s sauna, jacuzzi and the gym for a good workout on the treadmills, exercise bikes and other gym equipment in order to become fitter and healthier and lose unwanted weight.

However much I’d enjoy the gym and gym equipment and use of the sauna and jacuzzi. I will always still enjoy my swimming no end.

J Priestley

High Street, Bridlington