Letter: Unit closure will hit terminally ill

Unit closure at Bridlington Hospital will hit terminally ill
Unit closure at Bridlington Hospital will hit terminally ill

The closure of community hospitals and hospital services seems to be making headline news once again.

If the latest cutback is true and the GP Macmillan Wold Unit at Bridlington is closed, it will be the terminally ill in the Bridlington area that are going to be the first to suffer.

The general election campaign manifesto included promises of the setting up of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to be made up of doctors, pharmacists and nurses with a role to ensure that the voices of the local communities would be listened to and acted upon.

Bridlington set up its own CCG, which included doctors from all six town practices.

Unfortunately it has not been heard or seen supporting the local demand for the services of the hospital being retained.

Also, its involvement within the GPs practices seem to have caused a ‘miss match’ of GP services, causing one of the practices to be considering closure.

Bridlington and district has a need for a fully functioning hospital. It already has a large proportion of elderly residents and also a fast growing population through increasing development and facilities provided by the local authority apart from the natural increase in the population.

Hospital facilities are needed even more during the summer season with an influx of visitors all hoping to enjoy this very popular holiday resort.

Recent investments have gone into promoting the resort through a new indoor complex of entertainment with swimming pool.

The newly furbished theatre is already very popular, and Bridlington’s beaches and yachting facilities have always been an attraction. These all add up to an increase in population.

Caravan sites and holiday camps are continually increasing with the provision of more spaces and facilities. Prior to the general election The National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) at its AGM at the Royal Albert Hall voted with a 99 per cent majority calling on the government to stop the closure of community hospitals.

WI members are extremely concerned by the continued closure of these vital services.

May Sexton

North End, Flamborough