Letter: Time to reverse car park decision

Beaconsfield car park.
Beaconsfield car park.

I went past Beaconsfield car park on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday last week. It was nearly full in February, with Leisure World still closed.

But the council have said that it is not required! On what basis?

A proper survey has never been done, just a quick add up of total cars parked and spaces available in other car parks.

Would you park at Moorfield car park, which has the most empty places, when you needed to park near the Revelstoke ? Of course not.

It is time to reverse the decision to close Beaconsfield car park. It was arrived at on partial information, and can be overthrown. Lobby your councillor.

A new hotel can easily go elsewhere. It has not even applied for planning permission, let alone been granted permission.

The Beaconsfield car park is very well used and needs to be just where it is to serve the residents and guests of Tennyson Avenue and Trinity Road.

Irene Wilks

Marton Road, Bridlington