Letter: Time for mobility scooter lanes?

McDonald's, Bridlington.
McDonald's, Bridlington.

At the risk of sounding callous, which I am not. I really feel that Mr Triffitt should understand the drive-through is for motor vehicles (cars), thereby putting himself in danger. McDonald’s have a duty of safety to the general public.

I also feel the responsibility for himself is just that, he surely should know to take his medication before he gets to a critical point (or carry a bottle of water with him).

I have actually seen one of these scooters on the very busy highway at the roundabout near Morrisons/McDonald’s. I find this incredulous.

Yes I am all for people being able to get around and keep their independence, but some people with mobility scooters on the pavements expect those around them to just be obstacles to brush aside.

I may need one of these scooters one day soon and hope that I will not expect everyone to vanish because I am running ahead.

We have cycle lanes (not in Bridlington), maybe we need to think about mobility scooter lanes?

Myra Laslett

Richmond Street