Letter: The public need to be consulted

The plans to change bus services in Bridlington could create a big impact on those who rely on them.
The plans to change bus services in Bridlington could create a big impact on those who rely on them.

Re plans to change East Yorkshire Motor Services’ bus plans on May 8.

The plans need to be put on hold. There has been no consultation with Bridlington people how it is going to affect their lives.

We live near the Priory Church in Bridlington we are 70 years old.

Buses have either come along Marton Road onto Watsons Avenue, turned right onto Sewerby Road then onto Baylegate and Kirkgate, turn left onto St John Street with a bus stop just round the corner onto Quay Road, Prospect Street, Chapel Street, Marshall Avenue to the bus station or buses have to run the full length of Sewerby Road from Forty Foot.

From the Watsons Avenue turnoff to St John Street there are old people’s bungalows and flats the full length of Sewerby Road, Baylegate.

East Yorkshire are stopping buses running their buses from Watsons Avenue into town.

Down Quay Road there is a large number of essential everyday requirements - shops, two post offices, East Yorkshire Council service centre, solicitors, opticians, chiropodists, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, doctors, dentists, hairdressers. If East Yorkshire cut this bus route off it will make it very difficult to get to the bus routes which would be Market Place, Marton Road, Jubilee Avenue in bad weather. Especially in winter because of East Yorkshire Council gritting routes. All these would be no go areas because of snow and ice.

The only bus that would run along St John into town is the 120 Scarborough bus and even that has been made difficult because East Yorkshire has put a single decker on the route when it needs a double decker.

The single decker arrives in Bridlington so full the driver won’t let anymore passengers on for safety reasons. We use this bus to Scarborough as on its way out of Bridlington it goes up Promenade, Forty Foot, Marton Road, Scarborough Road. Plus this bus only runs from March to October so in winter it would leave us isolated.

The only other way to put a bus onto St John Street into town is to reroute the 121 Scarborough bus down Scarborough Road, St John Street, Quay Road into town both in and out. How it used to be.

Whatever happens East Yorkshire cannot put a plan into place that affects people’s lives so much without consultation.

SL Edmonds