Letter: The menace of mobility scooters

McDonald's Drive-Thru, Bridlington.
McDonald's Drive-Thru, Bridlington.

Just to add to the debate around the disability scooter driver being “miffed” because he couldn’t go use the drive through at McDonald’s - and therefore jump the queue and get served first before others that had queued as they should.

My daughter owns a horse which is a “legal road user” and insured for the road with the NFU (and just for information, has more rights to be there on the road than the car, because they were there first and the road belongs to the horse), and definitely more rights than the mobility scooter traffic wise.

However, she would not dream of trying to ride her “vehicle” into the drive through because she has brains and sense.

She is polite and queues as she should, and were she should (after the horse is back in the stable etc).

Should she need tablets or drinks etc she makes proper provisions for that.

I have found the users of these “battering rams”(mobility scooters) to be on the whole careless of every other person.

I have been almost knocked down in the supermarket by one, pushed aside on the footpath by one, nearly killed walking out my gate by one racing at speed, and recently when driving my car around Scarborough Road roundabout one of these vehicles shot off the path at the top of old town then sped in the middle of the road towards New Pasture Lane estate.

I executed an emergency stop with the scooter right next to the front of my car and was rewarded by the “driver” giving me a cheery wave with two fingers high in the air.

Polite and courteous users of these vehicles must be very frustrated by the reputation these other types of users are giving them, and stories of queue jumping doesn’t help that reputation at all.

M Gill

St John's Avene, Bridlington