Letter: The endless disruptions to the town

Roadworks in Bridlington are causing disruptions to the town.
Roadworks in Bridlington are causing disruptions to the town.

As a local trader for many years, during which the town of Bridlington has declined for various reasons, I write to ask how much longer the town can survive with the current roadworks?

Only last week I watched nine workers on Beck Hill seven on phones and two leaning on a rail.

Other traders have video footage of them allegedly in vans and when challenged they stated they were waiting for instructions what to do, other footage has them allegedly playing football, some days no workers at all.

I would like to ask who is responsible from the council for overseeing this work, as the input is not good enough?

Why was Bridge Street at least temporary not changed back to get access into town, despite every trader, taxi firm, transport companies never wanting the road changes because we were all aware the damage it would do?

I have large companies deliver to me every day who go all over the country - they state they have never known anything like it a town centre with no access.

Why not open a road before closing another?

Overall whoever dreamed up this mess should hold their heads in shame for the damage they have caused.

Larry Dixon

Prospect Street