Letter: The best price? An inquiry is needed

Bridlington Golf Course looking from the seafront on Belvedere Road.
Bridlington Golf Course looking from the seafront on Belvedere Road.

I read with interest the article regarding the sale of the golf club for £750,000 and am absolutely astounded.

A spokesman for the council said “the council was not able to sell the land for its proper value, as the golf club had a long lease.” Well knock me down with a feather, when I was on the council approximately 20 to 30 years ago, about 1989 to 1990 the 50 year lease the golf club had with the council came to an end. It was at that time it was proposed that the golf course could be sold for development and that the proceeds would pay for a new golf course, ie the Links.

I seem to remember that most of the councillors, me included, thought it unwise to give another long lease to the golf club, as the future of this very valuable sea front land was uncertain.
It emerged that the Links golf course, which was supposedly going to be funded by the sale of the Belvedere Golf Course, for £7 million I seem to remember, was in fact built, without the sale of the Belvedere Golf Course, and funded by other means, apparently not by the council tax payers.

This meant that Bridlington had two golf courses which at that time was never envisaged. I was living at the time in St James Road and had views over the golf course. I remember one councillor saying, would I be upset if my view of the golf course were impeded. I said certainly not, as 1) Bridlington needed more housing and 2) there is a wide area of land down the left hand side of Kingston Road skirting the golf course, which apparently had been a medieval village which is of outstanding archaeological interest and would therefore not have been allowed to have been built on.

This means that houses facing the golf course on Kingston Road would have had a few metres of green before the buildings, in effect having a green vista before any buildings.
Perhaps if the land was sold in smaller lots the council would get more money. Obviously any developments would have to be submitted to the council’s planning department for permission.

I do hope Mr Robson manages to see the district valuer’s report and if he isn’t allowed to see it ask oneself why not, have they something to hide.

Without a doubt this should have an independent inquiry and not one fronted by the council. Also it should be open to tender and advertised nationally.

Having only one interested party is hardly conducive to acquiring a good price.

John Evans was leader of the council, and Cllr Clubley was leader of the planning committee when I was on the council at the time the selling of the golf course came under discussion, so I am sure either of these ex councillors could throw more light on the matter.

D Stephenson
Mariners House