Letter: Strict bus timetable is unhelpful

Some seafront services run to a tight schedule.
Some seafront services run to a tight schedule.

Having got on an East Yorkshire bus at Taylor Made Fun on the Promenade, I was appalled to be told by the driver that I, along with my daughter and granddaughter, had to get off even though there were plenty of spare seats of which the driver was aware.

The driver explained that he was running late and had not time to take the money for our fares (although I had the correct change in my hand) and he would cop it at the other end for running late.

We did stay on the bus and paid for our tickets when it became obvious to the driver it would take longer for us to get off the bus than to take our money (tickets issued at 14.48pm, 24 August 2017).

Surely the idea of running a bus service along the front is for the benefit of holidaymakers not for bus companies to fulfil timetables. How on earth can people be allowed to get onto a bus only to be told to get off again because the bus is running late?

Why bother stopping at bus stops at all if not all the waiting passengers are allowed to travel?

I would suggest that this mode of working is unsafe and to the detriment of passengers if competition between the bus companies is the be all and end all.

Cynthia Rainforth

Clifton Drive