Letter: Site could be an asset

Hilderthorpe Road coach park site is awaiting development.
Hilderthorpe Road coach park site is awaiting development.

After several years of deliberation it is evident that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council are clueless as to the future of the Hilderthorpe Road coach park site. In a move to sell the 3.4 acre site in its entirety has (against strong objection and forewarning) decided on a £1m scatterbrain plan to channel the coaches through the already congested town roads to a grossly inappropriate site at Limeklin Lane.

Through its agents, Rightmove, the ERYC is promoting the Hilderthorpe Road site as suitable for the development of restaurants shops and leisure facilities.

With regard to such options the last thing that Bridlington hungers for is further development of this nature away from the town centre. The most important requisite for the town is car parking space, the very thing that the ERYC is progressively strangling Bridlington of. In this respect the most appropriate move the council should progress is to reinvent the Hilderthorpe Road site in its existing form.

Envisaged as the pleasantly landscaped Scarborough Park and Ride sites this would embody a designated coach parking area with the greater part organised into free car parking bays.

Throughout the visitor season the existing park and ride bus would be rerouted via this new look facility. Not only would the free parking be an obvious asset to residents but be an inviting year round draw for visitors to Bridlington. Equally this incentive would create a greater footfall along the linked shopping routes culminating at the needy retail outlets at the town centre.

Being adjacent to the proposed Station Plaza Transport Hub and the ongoing Hilderthorpe Road improvement scheme the new facility would become quickly recognised as one of Bridlington’s foremost assets.

The ERYC are urged to consider this proposal before imprudently moving Bridlington’s long standing coach park to an ill chosen location.

Barry Mitchell

Viking Road