Letter: Road needs repairing

Bempton Lane.
Bempton Lane.

Re the interest in the state of the roads in Bridlington including Bempton Lane.

Mr Martin Hargreaves says he has lived off Bempton Lane for four years. I have lived off Bempton Lane for just over 16 years and have seen the road deteriorate year-on-year.

I wrote a letter to the Free Press in May 2014 about the same problem, but all that has happened is keep filling pothole after pothole until there is hardly a square metre of road left to fill.

It is time that the road from Marton Road to the end of the housing estate was done properly.

The traffic on Bempton Lane has multiplied 12-fold in the past few years.

It is now a busy road and I am surprised that there hasn’t been an accident.

So please send your Tweets in to the Free Press and let’s get Bempton Lane back to a safe road...and a pleasure to drive on– no more pothole dodging.

Graham Waterton

Trentham Close