Letter: Protest over coach park 'exaggerated'

Protest over coach park 'exaggerated'
Protest over coach park 'exaggerated'

In reply to the letter to the Free Press 23 November by the Rev John A Wardle regarding the relocation of the coach park to Limekiln Lane and the opposition to such a move.

It would seem to me that from the onset the opponents to this move have relied on exaggerated claims, disinformation, and the ever-present bogeymen hiding in the wings to get their message across.

A phenomenon that is, it would seem, becoming all too prevalent in politics at all levels.

As a campaign, it has consistently claimed the support of many thousands, while with equal consistency it has failed to see this claimed support materialise.

I would imagine the campaign’s desire to see many thousands risking reputation and liberty by withholding their council tax, will fall on equally stony ground. In my opinion this campaign has little to do with the relocation of a coach park, and far more to do with snobbery. On this letters page I have seen such shameful comments as coach travellers referred to as ‘cargo’ and questions raised as to the effect on house prices the arrival of such types will bring ‘to this highly desirable and much sought-after residential area’.

Personally, I would imagine there are more pressing issues affecting most of Bridlington’s residents than the temporary interruption of the view of Flamborough Head and the relocation of the coach park.

L Daley

Roundhay Road