Letter: Passageway strewn with piles of litter

Passageway leading to Bempton Lane is strewn with litter.
Passageway leading to Bempton Lane is strewn with litter.

I and others who used to be able to catch a bus on Bempton Oval now have to catch it on Bempton Lane as the company in its wisdom stopped coming to the Oval.

The reason I am telling you this, I suffer from arthritis and walk with a stick. To get to the bus stop we now have to walk up Mount Crescent, which is a bit of a slope, then through a passage way to access Bempton Lane.

The passageway has six deep steps but under normal circumstances I can just about manage this.

However, at the time of writing the passage is in a filthy state.

It is littered with bags of dog mess and dog mess just left on the floor, empty bottles, empty cans and general litter.

On top of all that are the fallen leaves from trees lining the passage which are for the most part always wet and slippery, which of course is a potential accident waiting to happen for someone like myself.

I took a request in to the Town Hall to see if they could arrange for the passage to be cleaned but up to now nothing has been done about it. That is over three weeks ago. I presume we pay council tax to include street cleaning?

Any help to get this sorted out would be appreciated.

Mr K Johnson