Letter: Parking woe as children leave school

Parking near Hilderthorpe School on Shaftesbury Road is causing traffic chaos.
Parking near Hilderthorpe School on Shaftesbury Road is causing traffic chaos.

As residents of Shaftesbury Road adjacent to Hilderthorpe school we are pleased that at long last publicity has been given to the parking problems that arise both prior to the school starting times but mainly between 2.45pm and 3.34pm when the children are leaving.

We, along with a number of our neighbours, have been very concerned over the past few years regarding this problem, we have both written to and emailed the appropriate council departments and written to our three councillors of which two have been quite supportive of the situation, but to a certain extent their hands are apparently tied. Some parents not only ignore the double yellow lines but also park across gateways for which we have received a certain amount of abuse from some of them when asked to move, also if by chance we are driving home before leaving times it has on occasion been difficult to drive into our driveways. We have also in the past had meetings with a PCSO officer but have seen very little of an officer at leaving times.

As for the council enforcement officers very little is seen of them, they seem to be more interested in easy pickings such as fining motorists outside their own premises be it their business or private, also taking details of vehicles after 6pm when two officers have been seen to be present – on a quiet street after that time.

It has previously been suggested to the council that in order to make the roads safer, especially for children, that they take the grass verge up at one side of the roads to make them wider for parking purposes but only to be informed that there is no money in the council budget for this. What’s a child’s life worth? Also a suggestion had been made for parking facilities be made to the rear of the school on their grounds, but this idea was also thrown out, we believe.

The problem also increased when Children’s Social Services moved into the school when a number of their staff also park on the road side.

We therefore hope that the council will now take some further action to actually improve the parking situation both on Shaftesbury Road and Rosebery Avenue.

R and P Taylor

Shaftesbury Road, Bridlington