Letter: Parking - Thanks but more is needed

Roadworks in Bridge Street, Bridlington.
Roadworks in Bridge Street, Bridlington.

I have been active in community groups for many years now and have wholeheartedly supported and appreciated the council’s efforts to restore Bridlington.

We have all been grateful for the willing attendance of officers at all grades who have informed our meetings.

There is one notable exception.

Despite numerous invitations, traffic engineering management have evaded our attempts to gain information on traffic matters.

Many years ago now, the Lords Feoffees were enormously helpful in providing town centre parking for residents.

The decision to reverse traffic plans on Beck Hill is imminently to deprive access to this facility and possibly makes the priceless asset nonviable.

Despite the traffic back log caused by the narrowing of Chapel Street we now have Bridge Street reduced to one lane again, depriving us of a two-way exit and yet again reducing street parking, with the impending tourist season this is sure to cause yet another bottleneck.

Once again there are notices in the Free Press of yet more detrimental changes to on-street parking.

Finally, the total failure to extend the Park and Ride facility to the north of the town despite spare parking spaces, toilets and land train access to the town centre.

Are there some common sense reasons for these changes and when are our increasing parking problems going to be addressed? It is totally unrealistic to suppose that residents and visitors will abandon their cars.

J Turner

North Marine Drive,