Letter: Out of order over ticket machines

Having read Jane Raven's letter regarding the penalty she was asked to pay after parking at South Cliff, Bridlington, my wife and I felt for her.

Monday, 4th December 2017, 9:15 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 11:50 am
A couple were landed with a parking charge at Palace car park even though the Pay and Display machines appeared to be out of order.

On a Monday 2 October, we two OAPs went to the Palace Car Park in the centre of town, as we do almost every week, for some shopping.

It was not very full that day and my wife set off clutching her £2 to get a ticket.

She was gone some time and I wondered what was keeping her when I saw her with a group of other people, seemingly searching for a ticket machine. Apparently, after finding first one, then two machines which were out of order, they were trying the third, but that also switched to ‘Out of Order’.

After discussing the situation amongst each other, everyone decided that, as on other occasions when this had happened, the Pay & Display fees would not apply, as stated on a sign on the machines.

So we left to do our shopping as we wanted to get on.

After shopping, we returned to our car, still with only very few cars parked there, to find a very sticky pack on our car’s front windscreen and were shocked to read that we had been charged a £50 fine for not displaying a Pay & Display ticket.

We wrote an Informal Challenge letter, stating our strong objection and why we believed we were not liable for the penalty charge.

Some days later, we received a four page letter of what we would call “gobbledegook” as why we still had to pay (by the time you reached the fourth page, you had forgotten what was written on the first), saying that there were four P&D machines, two of which were working (we think this is not true).

Why should residents and visitors alike be made to jump through hoops, all for £2, just because some machines are Out of Order from time to time?

Where is the welcome and ease of access and facilities to attract people to the town which is supposed to be so desirable?

Lt Cdr H Dormer and Mrs H Dormer

South Sea Road