Letter: Oldies to blame for Britain's problems

Oldies to blame for Britain's problems.
Oldies to blame for Britain's problems.

Earlier this year, through no fault of my own, I reached the age of 87.

I have never been anywhere near the “seat of power” in the country, but it appears that I am personally responsible for the economic problems of that same country and am responsible for endangering the future, not only of my own grandchildren, but also those of the entire population.

I started work at the age of 17 and, in 1947, when, unless you were well off or extremely highly academically brilliant, there was no thought of a university education.

I finished paid employment at the age of 70, not from choice, but because nobody seemed to want to employ an old fart like me – and I did try.

Now, I do quite a bit of voluntary work and enjoy it, and will go on doing it as long as I can.

For those anti-ageists, please note that the Government does nothing to encourage people to do any voluntary, unpaid work, except by pretending that they think what a good idea it is.

As we oldies are responsible for so many economic problems, surely a wonderful way to solve that is to declare it a capital offence to live beyond the age of 75.

I am sure that this would be quite acceptable in this cost cutting mania of the present time and would be kind because it would allow the pensioners to enjoy at least five years of living on a fabulous state pension.

Just one word of caution though, before voting for that. If you are lucky(?), you too will get caught by old age and, by that time who knows, someone may have realised that the age limit was set too high!

Philip Humphrey

Harewood Avenue