Letter: No signage to indicate restrictions

I have just paid a penalty parking charge, which was incurred by parking on the road outside of the park and ride car park at South Cliff, Bridlington, on Sunday, November 19. It was apparently incurred because we were parked on a '˜red route or clearway', which we were completely unaware of.

Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 11:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 10:57 am
No sign of any notices to indicate parking restrictions outside the park and ride at South Cliff.

My research reveals the following:

Red routes are major roads on which vehicles are not permitted to stop, first introduced in north and east London in 1991 - red route clearways are signed but there are no lines on the road.

Certain sections of urban road may be designated Urban Clearway, which is a little-used designation, but one which prevents vehicles being stopped during the peak hours.

I note that the local authority keeps the money raised in this way.

We have regularly parked in this area over the past two years, during the winter months when the park and ride scheme stops operating, as do many others. The access gates to both car park and bus route are locked and there is no probability of obstruction. When we have parked, we have always been careful to park where there are no white lines. We were shocked to return to our vehicle and find we had received a penalty charge. Several other people gathered as we looked around for restricted parking signs, which we were unable to locate. All of us were unaware that there was any problem with parking in that spot at that time of year, although obviously it would be unacceptable if the car park/park and ride was in use.

Unfortunately, the council deems it unacceptable to allow motorists who wish to access that part of the beach to use the car park there in the winter months, despite the fact that it was created and is maintained by public monies. I cannot help but feel that this is a great oversight. We would be happy to park in a proper parking area and pay our fees. The council would receive an additional income. Prior to this ludicrous policy, the South Cliff car park always had a large number of vehicles parked on Saturdays and Sundays, even in the winter months.

We frequently walk from South Cliff into Bridlington for a coffee or snack, and then to pick up small items of shopping. As a town that seeks to encourage tourism, then surely regular visitors from the surrounding area should be welcomed as a regular income stream, not obstructed from easy access to proper parking areas.

We have paid the fine, but we feel bitter and angry that this fine was imposed. Only two cars out of six or seven had been ticketed. This policy needs to be more widely advertised to prevent others making the same mistake.

Jane Raven

Butts Lane