Letter: No end in sight for town roadworks

Hilderthorpe Road regeneration area.
Hilderthorpe Road regeneration area.

First let me congratulate the councils of Bridlington and East Yorkshire on the landscaping of Hilderthorpe Road and Springfield Avenue.

They surely had the intention of winning a prize for the variety of weeds that are growing on the verges since they started to demolish half of Bridlington.

If this was Beverley or Driffield these roadworks would not have lingered on for such a long period of time.

This is not to mention the constant road changes in the centre of the town. It changes daily and confusion is for all to see, if Bridlington residents find it hard to know which way the traffic flow is in place on any one day, I fear to think what visitors must see.

Yes I understand that changes have to be made and will hopefully make the town centre nice to walk round but this is beginning to be a joke.

On any one day as you attempt to drive into town and pass all the different road works you will see the maximum of two men working on the different sites if you see any.

It’s taken so long in Hilderthorpe Road that trees that were chopped down have now started to grow again.

Will we see these trees regaining their height before the work is completed? Have councillors elected to serve the town both on the town and East Riding Council got no say in how long these construction sites will linger on or have they all got an agenda of their own. I repeat if this had been Beverley or Driffield this regeneration would have been completed months ago.

John C L’Amie

Cornfield Crescent