Letter: New traffic system will cause gridlock

Businesses in King Street suffered when the area was pedestrianised.
Businesses in King Street suffered when the area was pedestrianised.

As the new traffic system starts to become reality, I’m just off down to the bookmakers to see what odds I can get on total town centre gridlock for traffic come Easter 2017 – probably poor odds as it’s already happening now.

The government brief to rid town centres of traffic would have been much more cheaply achieved by simply putting “no entry” signs up on all the main “a” and “b” approach roads into town!

Bridge Street will become the only exit westwards from the southern side of the town centre with one lane and a “T” junction at the end…god help those on fire or needing an ambulance!

Is there any compensation for lost trade to the retailers on bridge street whilst their road is coned off to stop parking?

I very much doubt it [and no, I am not one of them] – they must be looking upon themselves as those did on King Street when they pedestrianised it and ruined all the passing businesses.

I reckon there were no local bus, ambulance, fire engine, or police “daily in town” drivers who approved this new scheme.

Such is life - they’ll just carry on with it and we will all have to grin and bear it while we walk…not from Promenade car park either.

The council flogged that off for a million (just watch out, Palace car park will be next for £2 million or more.

I know a local businessman who wanted to develop that for parking and shopping in 1979 – only to be told by the council to sling it – something similar to a marina development at the time.

This is indeed the beginning of the very end – diarise this article for re-print in five years please.

Tony Saltonstall

Eastfield Road, Bridlington