Letter: New road system has its drawbacks

Hilderthorpe Road regeneration area.
Hilderthorpe Road regeneration area.

Re Mr John C L’Amie’s concerns in your column about the slow progress on the Hilderthorpe Road project:

It prompted me to have a good look at the whole scheme.

The online information shows a tiny sketch which does not include the new overpass to Iceland.

I will need help to identify the advantages we are to enjoy.

New turn lanes along the wider Hilderthorpe Road, the extra paved areas for pedestrians and off road bike paths will be welcome, but I don’t understand the reversal of Manor Street.

If a driver comes over the new bridge and turns right into Manor Street he or she will soon be back where they started from or on South Cliff Road, so should have stayed on Hilderthorpe Road. All other routes stay the same.

I think Capability Brown would have had difficulties landscaping this ‘River Walk’.

A main road on one side, several car parks along the other side of a damp ditch, parts of which run through underground culverts. No river or water. Most of the original bankside trees gone.

Great artist’s impression online...Stratford Upon Avon comes to mind.

A good time to walk Phase one of the beck path from Palace Avenue to Springfield Avenue. Completed several years ago, but now badly neglected, the entire beck bed through Bridlington is long overdue for a clean-up. But I won’t go into detail.

The thaw after heavy snow usually gets the Gypsey Race flowing again.

The underlying chalk has to be saturated and the cracks silted up. Then it will have a meaningful flow for a year or more.

This semi-dormant ditch has saved the town from flooding many times.

After the 1948 snow melted, a 6ft deep torrent of water raced through Bridlington for two months, without spilling a drop in the town.

Anthony Clarke

Pembroke Terrace