Letter: Moaning about a moan!

McDonald's, Bridlington.
McDonald's, Bridlington.

Re the front page of the Free Press on December 15 about the gentleman who is dismayed that he couldn’t use the McDonald’s drive-through in Bridlington with his mobility scooter.

Seriously, if the gentleman in question was ‘starving’ and in dire need of a drink or food then surely if he’d gone into the restaurant and explained the situation to either a member of staff or a member of the public, they would have helped him or, let’s be honest, both Aldi and Morrisons have great disabled facilities and are both nearby.

Also, if the gentleman is aware of his medical needs then wouldn’t you carry a drink and snack with you?

Then to make it worse, the gentleman decides to complain to McDonald’s!

We really have become a nation of moaners about the most stupid of things.

Come to mention it, I’m moaning now about a moan – quite ironic really.

Merry Christmas everyone at the Free Press, do keep up the good work.

Wayne Curtis-Smith

Cliff Street, Bridlington