Letter: Marina: a millstone has been avoided?

Has Bridlington escaped a marina disaster?
Has Bridlington escaped a marina disaster?

Phew, that was close. If you need to know how close we came to a marina disaster look up The History of Brighton Marina, on Wikipedia.

It has taken that project almost 40 years to become viable, in spite of advantages such as London catchment area, 1,200 berths, large integral land development area, proximity to Isle of Wight and southern ports, sailing events, berthing high value craft and a minimum of one fathom of water at low tide.

Bridlington has none of these advantages. It was a recipe for another Humber Bridge millstone.

Don’t compare this with The Bridlington Harbour. This haven was granted a Sovereign Charter by William III in 1697 which basically made it a principality. As far as I can make out it has its own government, comprised of local people who have complete control. Financially sound, no cutbacks here.

That’s how it was when we had Bridlington Town Council in our Town Hall. All local councillors who depended on the holiday trade for their own income. You can trace this town’s demise from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council mixup in Beverley. Don’t blame the councillors, it’s the clumsy system that consumes money with nothing getting to the sharp end.

Anthony Clarke

Pembroke Terrace