Letter: Maintenance must factor into budget

Funds must be available to maintain the seafront.
Funds must be available to maintain the seafront.

Re proposed Bridlington seafront ‘facelift’.

Having looked at the proposed improvements and generally being in favour, the caveat I would make is please ensure that what is provided can be maintained into the future from a practical and cost perspective.

It’s no good if once the capital is expended the maintenance budget is not available to keep up the standards originally provided, and then things gradually and inevitably deteriorate.
The once beautiful, and still very nice for now south-side promenade has significant cracks in the walkway, the recessed lighting in the walkway is mostly broken, the letter work and colours in the original design are fading away, the architectural roof at the bottom of the old lifeboat slipway became tatty and has now gone.

The lighting used to illuminate the architectural glass art installations in Pembroke Gardens is mostly not working.

Good design should provide something safe, useful, functional and attractive.

It should also provide for a long term affordable benefit.

Nice to haves are nice to have, but if they cannot be kept nice then they should be left out of any scheme no matter how tempting, they will inevitably fail, rather like that unsafe, useless, non-functional and unattractive orange art installation/sculpture near to the Pitts Wall cafe.

Errors such as that should bring lessons, let’s all hope so.

I am sure that this vast amount of money will only come around once, please spend it wisely on schemes which provide genuine long term benefit, which can be practically and affordably maintained long into the future.

Richard Shaw