Letter: How many parking spaces have gone?

Hilderthorpe coach park.
Hilderthorpe coach park.

In the 13 April edition of the Free Press the town’s businessmen expressed, yet again, their despair at the lack of parking for visitors to the town.

The ERYC at the same time advised that coaches to Bridlington will no longer be able to use the Hilderthorpe coach park but instead use the car park at Limekiln Lane. We have in the past months also seen the loss of the Beaconsfield car park.

Is the senselessness which seems to be a permanent feature of our town’s planning never going to end? We lose the coach park, which is sensibly located next to the railway station, so that currently undefined developments can, maybe or maybe not, take place sometime in the future.

I seem to recall that the last marina development was scuppered partly because the council could not give details of how the reclaimed land, formed as part of the marina development, would be used. No sensible adjudicator would give approval under those circumstances but that is exactly what is now being proposed, lose valuable parking land and demand a blank cheque on what to do with it. I can only hope that the businessmen of the town mount a meaningful campaign to stop the idiocy that prevails.

Coaches at the Limekiln car park will, in addition to reducing the car parking spaces available, complete the desecration of our coastline.

The walk from Fraisthorpe is blighted by the wind turbines, the harbour walk is ruined by the fairground and the beauty of the landscape walking North once clear of this carbuncle will be ruined by the coaches parked within feet of the cliff top.

Perhaps the same spokesman that seeks to redevelop the Hilderthorpe coach park will enlighten us on how many car parking spaces we have lost in the last year, how many more we are likely to lose, what will be the impact on tourism to the town and what, if any, plans are in place to increase the number of car park spaces over and above those earmarked to be, or already lost?

Tom Sampson
Cardigan Road