Letter: Hospital should be a top priority

Bridlington Hospital should be made a top priority.
Bridlington Hospital should be made a top priority.

The results of the General Election indicate that the electorate in the East Riding either overlooks or forgives as to what this present government has been implementing these past seven years with savage cuts to public services.

With the East Riding, especially Brid, being affected by these public service cuts from government more so than the national trend, I would have thought that this would have reflected as to how the electorate voted, but obviously no.

Perhaps the East Riding electorate placed more emphasis on leaving the EU rather than the NHS, education, social care or public services that have all received unfair cutbacks these past years from central government.

In a previous edition of Free Press, Free Press Comment made the comments of “It seems that no-one is taking responsibility of how health care in Brid has been slashed beyond recognition over the years”.

So therefore with Sir Greg Knight being returned for another term of office in the house, it gives Brid MP Sir Greg Knight, who has all the essential elements, the perfect opportunity to take control and responsibility and restore Brid Hospital to its original condition. This must be a priority Sir Greg and a most important thing that must be dealt with first, and fight to go before support of a marina for Brid.

Ernie Mackenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford