Letter: Hospital proposals are very worrying

Brildington Hospital.
Brildington Hospital.

The Bridlington Health Forum at its recent meeting received a presentation on the proposals regarding the closure of MIUs and the introduction of urgent care centres, also the closure of community beds in the Macmillan Unit at Bridlington Hospital and Withernsea Hospital.

The proposals were met with some concern to say the least – especially that to take the beds away from the Macmillan unit as there were conflicting reports on this issue.

I should add at this point that the Bridlington Health Forum was set up originally in the days of the Primary Care Trusts and PAGER was asked to chair the forum when they were to be demolished. The East Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group now supports the forum where we meet with managers of the various services within the health service locally to receive updated reports and where we can raise any concerns we receive from the general public.

On the issue of the community beds we have received conflicting reports from the staff within the unit and we know from patients who have had treatment within the unit and people who have relatives who have had palliative care that they have been looked after so well.

If the people of Bridlington and area have to travel to Beverley this will be heartbreaking for some who will have to travel by public transport.

The Government is always stressing that it wants patients to be treated near to home. Bridlington has a growing population but nobody considers what their health issues might be – we now have good social venues and a growing tourism industry but the problems around the infrastructure must be addressed.

As far as Bridlington MIU is concerned – we receive the figures of this at the meeting and also the Wolds Unit which is open 365 days a week, 9am to 9pm.

It is obvious that many people would have been going to A&E if this unit was not available and many would have been without a doctor.

I am in favour of an urgent care unit at Bridlington Hospital especially for patients who have a long term illness but am unclear where this leaves the MIU.

I chair the health forum which feels that a public meeting is needed with a presentation giving a true picture of the proposals and where concerns can be raised, as it was felt the consultations have not been successful.

Jean Wornwell MBE