Letter: Hospital facilities are testament to MP's commitment

Sir Greg Knight has fought against hospital facility closures.
Sir Greg Knight has fought against hospital facility closures.

May I draw the attention of Mr Edward Brian Hardgrave (Letters, 22 June) ‘MP should do more for hospital’.

Our Member of Parliament Sir Greg Knight said that local hospitals are a vital part of a comprehensive plan for the NHS. That was why he protested so strongly against the cuts to Bridlington Hospital when the last Labour government scrapped the cardiac monitoring unit, acute medical wards and maternity services.

In contrast in 2012, following a £750,000 refurbishment, he reopened the main theatre at Bridlington Hospital. This investment was only possible because of his commitment to protect our hospital. Now patients can stay overnight following surgery and, for the first time, orthopaedic surgery at Bridlington is taking place.

It is the type of health care that local people want, not ‘super’ hospitals miles and miles away but accessible healthcare in the community. His vision for the NHS also involves less bureaucrats and more doctors and nurses.

Following the announcement by East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group in March 2017 that it plans to close the Minor Injuries Units not only at Driffield Hospital but also at Hornsea and Withernsea, Greg Knight has, together with Driffield Town Council, fought hard against these closure plans and has said that the fight to keep these local minor injury services open must go to the top.

He has spoken to the chairman of East Riding Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee together with colleague Graham Stuart, urging the committee to exercise its right to refer the proposed ‘reorganisation’ to the Health Secretary and the Independent Reconfiguration Panel which they now have done.

So Mr Hardgrave you’re wrong to say he has done nothing or is doing nothing to keep our hospital safe.

John Millwood

West Crayke