Letter: Hospital facilities are being eroded

Bridlington Hospital had lost vital facilities.
Bridlington Hospital had lost vital facilities.

Further to the occasional correspondence bewailing the loss of our once vital hospital, I find it hard to believe that the population of Bridlington tolerate the manifestations of varying bodies of health care officials, who in their “wisdom” decide what must happen to our hospital generally after what is laughingly described as “consultation”.

The whole process began in the early 90s, with the appointment of an American retired senior army officer to the position of chief executive (or akin) at Scarborough Hospital.

This episode had national coverage in the press.

So now we’re back to the pre hospital days of ambulances back and forth to Scarborough, as the facilities at Bridlington are eroded.

Who would ever have imagined the Macmillan unit would have gone, in this day and age along with so many other provisions. It was a necessary requirement for Bridlington and as such deserved to be maintained.

EB Hardgrave

Church Street