Letter: Health village will improve facilties

Proposals for a new health village could ease pressure on services.
Proposals for a new health village could ease pressure on services.

A big vote of thanks to Dr Hardman and all his colleagues who have been working on the proposal for a ‘health village’ to integrate health and social care services and thereby improve health care facilities in Bridlington.

I was involved in meetings many moons ago when the idea of one complex was first being considered and I know many people have never let go of the idea and have spent much time working on a business case.

It is essential this gets the support of the MP and Government as it is really necessary for it to be recognised that Bridlington is becoming a very popular place for people to spend their holidays - the population increases considerably during the holiday period, more elderly people are retiring here - more houses are being
built. The premises our doctors are working in are becoming too far overcrowded and becoming not fit for purpose.

We seem to have to fight for all our health services.

We are still very worried about the fact that only three wards out of seven are working at Bridlington Hospital.

There are many areas that have medical centres where all health and social care services work in one building with doctors’ surgeries. It is important that we attract more staff to this area as we are extremely short of district nurses - are finding it impossible to give the necessary time needed to patients and in some cases they are not available.

Also social workers are struggling.

I really think professional people like Dr Hardman are to be congratulated for trying to improve our health services and must be given the necessary support from NHS England and the government.

Jean Wormwell MBE
Viking Road