Letter: Hard work unravelling

Bridlington Hospital.
Bridlington Hospital.

The Bridlington Free Press carried another letter on the situation on the hospital deteriorating. I hope she isn’t expecting any positive response, from my personal experience all I managed to “gain” was a dossier of politically generated data, figures and probabilities, disregarding the predictable.

The ambulances are still rattling backwards and forwards between Bridlington and Scarborough as in days of yore.

Originally, the people of Bridlington were determined there should be a new efficient hospital here, and after many years of endeavour, the hospital was built to replace the Lloyd cottage hospital. I think the people of Bridlington are now so used to the dismantling of anything involving the social fabric of the community, which was taken for granted, they now simply accept what can only be described as a betrayal of those who worked so hard for the benefit of the future of Bridlington.

EB Hardgrave

Church Street

Kilham, Driffield