Letter: Gypsey Race Park project funded by taxpayers

Taxpayers' money will fund the Gypsey Race Park project.
Taxpayers' money will fund the Gypsey Race Park project.

Re the article last week regarding European Funding for Gypsey Race Park Phase 2:

What we have been given is our own taxpayers’ money, that the EU has allowed us to keep to spend on our own projects, that they approve.

This money is then held in the Bank of England and released at the appropriate time to fund the agreed projects. That money is never sent to the European Central Bank, they only receive the rest of our colossal contribution to be spent on bureaucrats and infrastructure projects, throughout the rest of Europe.

We have never taken any money from any other member states since we joined in 1973 ... not even the cost of a single postage stamp. We have always been a net contributor.

At the same time that we are shovelling this huge amount of cash into Europe, we are having to go cap-in-hand to foreign investors to fund our own infrastructure projects, such as HS2 and Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station etc.

We are also subject to European Procurement rules, whereby, we have to contract out our projects to the rest of Europe.

This has meant that the massive number of rail trains and carriages are being built in Spain, for an example. This is appalling, when you consider that we invented the railways and built the finest locos in the world, here in Yorkshire.

David Robson
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Brid South