Letter: Give a child a healthy start in life

A well-balance diet and regular exercise are key to giving a child a head start.
A well-balance diet and regular exercise are key to giving a child a head start.

It isn’t any wonder why there are so many overweight obese youngsters here in Brid? It is because they’ve not really been given a good healthy start in life.

They don’t even eat a healthy well-balanced diet.

The number of obese children is itself rather alarming.

School dinners are not really of help to quite a number of these youngsters because they’re not even prepared to go for any healthy fruit option when they discover that the pudding itself is seen to be chocolate cake and pink custard, but menus are varied and of course packed with vegetables.

What these obese school youngsters do not even realise is that there is help put in place, there’s the brand new leisure centre, a thriving community sports centre full of no end of options for children even though schools do offer all sorts of sports and physical fitness activity clubs at the end of lessons and they’re also forgetting there’s plenty of activities during the holidays.

Bridlington, like every town and city and outskirts, has far more chippies and takeaways than fruit and vegetable shops.

I am one to strongly agree that the council and other authorities can only do so much.

Parents have to take up the rest of the responsibilities.

Back in my days as a youngster, things were very different. I had a good healthy start in life.

I was always active and always ate a good healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables.

At school dinners I always opted for plenty of fresh vegetables, chicken; for my pud I opted for cheese and biscuits and a fresh apple every day at school at school dinnertime.

I was into keeping active, fit and healthy.

I’d have a jog around the school sports field doing a few laps. I’d also be working out in the school gym, but I was always a born keen competitive swimmer.

During school holidays I always found plenty to keep me actively busy and motivated in all sorts of activities, but swimming was always my number one favourite main aquatic fitness activity.

Funnily enough it still is even now in this day and age I very regularly attend the leisure centre a good two or three times a week usually in the afternoons at 2pm, and I have a good healthy swim for two good hours and a half.

Julian P Priestly
High Street