Letter: Gardens worker is credit to town

Worker left Pembroke Gardens spotless every morning.
Worker left Pembroke Gardens spotless every morning.

My wife and I have just returned from yet another holiday in Bridlington, our third already this year, and feel we need to express our admiration for the hard work done by the council workers in cleaning the streets.

We would especially like to single out the hard work done by the guy who cleans the Pembroke Gardens, opposite the apartments we stay in, at about 7.30am every morning. He works so hard emptying all the bins and cleaning the whole area.

On Easter Saturday, after the great Good Friday we had all enjoyed, the bins were overflowing with all the chip shop rubbish left by people and rubbish was blowing all around the gardens. This man picked up every piece of rubbish and left the whole area totally spotless again.

It was raining and blowing hard but that did not put him off at all. Well done to him! We think he is a hard worker and a credit to the team.

One thought though – why don’t the council put another bin at chip shop end of the gardens? On the busy days there would be more bin space available then for the people who like to eat in those gardens.

Martin Galloway

Hornscroft Road,

Bolsover, Derbyshire