Letter: Fracking will undermine our roads

Demonstrators at Northallerton protest against fracking in Yorkshire.
Demonstrators at Northallerton protest against fracking in Yorkshire.

As your recent campaign highlighted, many local roads are already in urgent need of repair.

Imagine, then, what will happen if the controversial “fracking” for gas industry is allowed here.

Large numbers of HGV movements are involved.

Our country roads, in particular, are not suitable for heavy lorries. How will they affect road safety?

Who will meet the cost of the further inevitable road surface repairs?

Will tourists and residents want to be stuck driving behind such lorries?

What about the increased air pollution, noise and industrialised landscape that fracking entails?

Could it happen here? Yes. The Bridlington area, along with 80% of Yorkshire , has been licensed by the government to energy companies thereby permitting them to explore for oil and gas.

This means that a gas company could apply at any time for planning permission to start fracking here.

Only 30-odd miles away, at the village of Kirby Misperton between Malton and Pickering, permission for exploratory fracking has already been granted despite fervent local opposition.

To learn more about what fracking entails and what it could mean to you, your family, your home and the environment come to a presentation at Bempton and Buckton Community Hall at 2pm on Sunday 29 January.

Deb Sutton

Queensgate, Bridlington