Letter: Filtering to right is the wrong way

A filter lane on Hilderthorpe Road 'should be to the Tesco store'.
A filter lane on Hilderthorpe Road 'should be to the Tesco store'.

Having visited the Gypsy Race Park exhibition at the Spa I think the traffic plan for Hilderthorpe Road is completely wrong.

What we have now is a two- lane road that at busy times is constantly backed up in both directions and beyond.

Travelling out there is not much that can be changed, but travelling in could be much improved with a left filter into Tesco.

So what is planned - road widening with right filters into Hamilton Road and New Burlington Road where very few vehicles want to go compared to those wanting to visit a superstore.
Forget the right filter, they can turn right anyway when oncoming traffic is stopped at the Tesco traffic lights.

Instead create a left filter beginning from the coach park.

This would immediately separate straight ahead traffic from traffic wanting to turn left into Tesco and consequently shorten the queue - a by product of which would be to allow more vehicles to get through the Station Road traffic lights in one go and have a knock-on effect past B&Q traffic lights and Bessingby Road.

If the planners really want a right filter it not as if there isn’t enough space for both options.

The road could be widened more between Hilderthorpe Road and the coach park as there’s plenty of undeveloped space.

The lady I spoke to at the exhibition didn’t agree with me, she said they had modelled it.

I doubt that their modelling consisted of a practical test of sitting in a queue wanting to turn left into Tesco slowly creeping down Hilderthorpe Road with about three Tesco traffic light changes to sit through.

Whilst on the subject of left filters, I couldn’t tell from the plans but will there be one from Hilderthorpe Road into Springfield Avenue or will that remain the same? (ie you sit there wanting to turn left while watching traffic exit Springfield Avenue - a totally pointless exercise). Makes you wonder if the council’s objective is to create congestion rather than ease traffic flow where possible.

Mr R Daniel
Lyth Close